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“Surprise! Surprise!!”

I can just hear Gomer Pyle of the 1960’s tv series, The Any Griffin Show, saying “Surprise, Surprise!” as he enters the garden and spies these beautiful bright  pinkish/red flowers.  These beautiful autumn flowers (Lycoris radiata) seem to appear over … Continue reading

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A point of Interest in the Garden

For  years I have been hearing about “permaculture”.  I would ask my gardener friends, “What is permaculture?”  Most like me… had no clue.  Others would attempt to describe the concept.  A few were very knowledgeable, but their explanations left me … Continue reading

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Garden evaluate, reset, rejuvenate

For that last4 years I’ve been going about this business of  gardening thinking— “Wow!   we are doing a good job”.  The majority of what we have grown has been successful, we keep taking our produce to the pantry where everyone … Continue reading

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Bees are AMAZING!

In  1586 Geffrey Whitney wrote:  “A work of arte; and yet no arte of man, Can worke the worke, these litle creatures can.”           I am just beginning to appreciate and understand these words written over 5 centuries ago. … Continue reading

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Silent Visitors in the Garden

The weather is warming into real summer now.  Harvest is happening in earnest.  One can be lulled into thinking all is well.  All I have to do is walk around the garden and look a little closer. While picking green beans, … Continue reading

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Go away for a couple of days and…

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I just got back from a couple of days vacation.  I was anxious to see the garden.   I took my bags out of the car, put on my garden shoes, and headed off to the garden.  It is that time … Continue reading

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Meet Another Garden Volunteer

Six months ago I told myself that  I would feature a garden volunteer on this site each month.  Six months ago I featured April and Phoebe.  This post will be  the second  post featuring a  volunteer.  I’ll try to do better…. … Continue reading

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Can I use my old seeds?

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As the time comes closer for putting seed in the ground, that is a question I am asking myself.  I have seeds left from last year. Being a person who never likes to throw anything away, I vacillate between “yes, plant them” and “if … Continue reading

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The Edible Campus

If you have long wished to have a vegetable garden just right outside your front door, but never get around to it….Well, I have just the encouragement you need! I just received a link to UNC-Chapel Hill’s newest project – The Ediblel … Continue reading

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Unseasonable Weather

This has been a crazy start for winter in Pittsboro, NC.  The weather has been warm and rainy, causing plants to think it is spring.  I took these photos the day after Christmas. I know the weather will change, bringing … Continue reading

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